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Where RiRes works - Italy

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Tenderly - Towards a happy childhood

  • Project title:  "Tenderly  towards a happy childhood "  

  • Year:  November 2020 -  November 2023.  

  • Project target:  families with 0-6 children  at risk of maltreatment  

  • Context:  Italy  (Bergamo, Naples, Bari, Pescara, Catania)  

  • Partnership:  Cesvi (leader); Catholic University of the Sacred Heart - Department of Psychology; Lab-Q Association  Prod; Partner Bergamo: Social Cooperative Generations FA; AEPER social cooperative; Municipality of Bergamo, ASST Papa Giovanni XXIII; Partner Pescara: Social Cooperative Orizzonte Sociale; Municipality of Pescara; Association  Ananke  Onlus; Tribunal for i  Minors-L'Aquila; Partner Naples: Il Grillo Parlante social cooperative; The municipality of Naples; Partner Bari: John Paul II Foundation; Municipality of Bari; Partner Catania: Coop. Marianella Garcia, Municipality of Catania, ASP Catania, Municipality of Misterbianco.  

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PEARLS for children - Professionals' Empowerment Through Assisted Resilience Learning and Support

  • Project title:  "PEARLS for children - Professionals' Empowerment Through Assisted Resilience Learning and Support"  

  • Period:  January 2021  -  in progress.  

  • Project target:  professionals "tutors of  Resilience "(health system, social system, education system, public safety)  

  • Context:  Italy, Lithuania and Poland  

  • Partnership:  CESVI,  Fundacja  Dajemy  Dzieciom  Sile,  Viesoji  Istaiga  Paramos  Vaikams  Centras 

  • Project title:  "IoConto: interventions to prevent and combat child maltreatment in Italy"

  • Period: June 2018 - September 2019

  • Target: social workers who take care of minors and families (psychologists, educators, social workers)

  • Context:  Italy (Bari, Bergamo, Naples)  

  • Partnership:  CESVI, The Jiminy Cricket  Onlus, FA Consortium, Children in Time Association, John Paul II Foundation,  UCSC

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