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The Resilience Research Unit (RiRes) is a research centre within the Department of Psychology of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan, Italy. Over the past nine years the RiRes has designed and carried out projects of research, capacity building and interventions aimed at defining, promoting and sustaining the resilience process among children, families and communities in conditions of vulnerability. Moreover, through the dissemination of its research, scientific publications and communications, RiRes has contributedto the development of a shared multinational knowledge on resilience-focused best practices to be implemented in emergency contexts, international cooperation and, more broadly, in the tertiary sector in Italy and abroad.


Research, Capacity Building and Intervention are three key areas of interest, deeply interconnected and complementary, for RiRes. Indeed, Research allows to orient university-based training and to build capacity building models to be implemented on the ground, while also guiding project planning and the implementation of such projects. Thus, RiRes fulfils the Third Mission of universities, namely contributing to the dissemination of knowledge and culture and moving academic achievements into the outer real world, promoting social growth and public health and well-being

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