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A key aspect of our approach is the distinction between resilience and resistance.

The concept of resilience goes beyond that of resistance, healing or repair, as it is outlined in the process of transformation and growth. While right after the adversity, individuals, groups and communities are called upon to resist the threat of negative events, resilience calls for the deployment of personal and environmental resources to face them emerging victorious.

While the main context of use of the resilience model is constituted by crisis situations, it is also true that in these settings strenuously resisting may not be enough. Crises not only generate vulnerability, but they can also spur chances of growth and trigger generalized pro-activity. Like the oyster, human being can open up to their "grain of sand", which creeps into the depths, triggering a transformative process that creates a renewed individual.

Therefore, resilience is not a step back, a way of returning to the same conditions present before the trauma. Rather, it is growth, rebirth, opening to new horizons and new stages of life, in which the scar caused by the grain of sand is still present but integrated in the depths of a new chapter of life.

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